Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 10


This has been the week from hell.. OK not really, but still it was a tough week to get through. I worked all weekend doing AE floor set (new product gets put out on the selling floor) and i was working non stop for that. I worked i think a total of 25 hours, just this weekend. On top of all that work that need to get done to the store. I had to create a Media Conference, Media Kit sales proposal for my marketing class. I was so stressed about not getting everything done on time, and who was doing what with this project. I was a mess. I finally had time to myself after studying for 2 tests and one essay that needed to be handed in before this Media Kit. The Kit was completed and handed in today, thank you Jesus, and now i have time to relax, well only a little bit. I have to start studying for my current events test that is happening tomorrow morning during class. Its on politics and the political system of Canada and the States. Should be interesting to learn.

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