Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 5

This is the final week before I leave for my tropical getaway, i can not be more excited to be leaving the snow and this weird, cold and warm, weather behind for 8 glorious days of sunshine and relaxation.
We are leaving on the 23rd mid afternoon to travel to Toronto airport to catch our 6pm flight to Cuba.
We will be staying in Barcelo Cayo Santa Maria.

Right on one of the most impressive beaches in the world, running nearly 2.6 km long, with crystal-clear water and fine sand, the Barceló Cayo Santa María Beach & Colonial Resort***** is divided into 2 hotels which offer you Junior Suites and spectacular Suites distributed in the form of 21 x 3-story bungalows with a total of 1,308 rooms. Resort guests can enjoy the services and facilities of both the hotels with the guarantee of the “Barceló All Inclusive” programme, with a 24-hour food and drink service.

Right on one of the world’s most spectacular virgin beaches. The Resort is located at Cayo Santa María, an islet of the Jardines del Rey archipelago on the north coast of the province of Villa Clara in the centre of Cuba. The crystal-clear waters and peace and calm make it an unbeatable paradise.
  • 10 km from Las Brujas National Airport close to Cayo Santa María (5 minutes away). Daily domestic flights from Havana to Las Brujas national airport.
  • 116 km from the Abel Santa María International Airport at Santa Clara (90 minutes away)


Friday, February 10, 2012

Week 4

This week was full of research. I feel that every single teacher wants us to research topics to create essays or scripts or powerpoint presentations. I dont mine doing this (because it is homework after all) but i dont like the amount of time that it takes to research. If i become a inventor one day, i hope to make a super computer project that you just speak to and it searches the web to answer any simple or difficult question that anyone has. This way finding the right and important information for projects will become less time consuming. Next week i have lots of assignments and tests at the beging of the week so i better get a start on studying soon. After that week is done its the week of family day (: yay!! only two more weeks to go until the warm weather and the endless supply of drinks and food. CUBA here i come for some R and R.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 3

This week was AWESOME!!!! its started off great. Hanging out with friends, having some good times together, and then like a giant wave everything came crashing apart. On monday we were given our documentary research projects that are due in a couple of weeks. I decided that im going to base mine off of marine mammal killings. Im trying to save the whales here people. Tuesday was a lazy day, really didnt do anything until class at 3:30 which is where we were given our projects on conspiracy theories. I am really looking forward to this project. Wednesday i had my sales proposal due in marketing and i feel that i came up with one of the best ones (hopefully). Thursday again was lazy until i get a text from one of my friends saying that a teacher is looking for me. i thought this was weird at first until she calls me in the middle of class. Now that was funny. it would have made my day if it was in her class that she called me. No school on fridays and work all weekend is making it hard for me to finish my documentary review that is due tomorrow and my article analysis on a newspaper article. Hopefully i can get all this done before the superbowl starts later on today. Wish me luck :)