Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 2

Week two into school and already im feeling the pressure to stay on top of my studies and the assignments  that just seem to keep piling up day after day. This weekend i thought that i was going to be a good student and try to get all the assignments (either started or finished) this weekend. Instead of doing the work that i should have been doing i decided that it was best for my social life to come into play and that i was going to go out to the club as soon as i was done work on friday. We decided that we were going to go to the pepper downtown on friday and it was actually a popular place. I never had to wait outside before to get into the pepper and this friday was the first time for that. Even though the line wasn't that long, still. I went out with Ellen and Sam on friday and i met up with my old University friends from Guelph there. It was so nice to see everyone again. Love the social life. Unfortunately the next day i needed to crack down and at least start my work. Im not a bad student, i just dont like having to sit at my desk and read a million pages for a class that were just going to go through anyways. Seems pointless. I did however start my marketing assignment for my wednesday class, it is not finished, just started. I had to come up with a cool poster/ brand title and this is what i came up with from the heated scraper.  

Surprisingly this didn't take me that long to do. 5 mins tops. This week is going to be jam packed with assignment and projects that im going to have to get done and fast. I have to finish my sales proposal for Marketing class, read the paper for Current Events, watch a documentary and do a review on it (i think im going to do it on "The Cove") Oh and i have a case study to do from forensic's class. This is going to be a fun week of school. 

Last month i decided that i was going to give up coffee for the entire month of January and i can happily say that i have completed this challenge. I am so proud of myself. Come February 1st though, no promises. 

Well until next week
Stay classy :) 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 1

Im really not sure as to what i want to talk about in my weekly blogs that i will be posting, so i guess ill just talk about everything and anything that is on my mind as i continue to type away. This is my first ever blog that i have made/written for and im not sure what they are suppose to in tell but thats why its my blog. ALL ABOUT ME!
This week was a little crazy. Monday started off well with 8:30 class and classes continued on until 3:30 that afternoon. I was schedule to work at 4pm so i had to book it home to St. Catharines to grab my stuff and head to the mall. I work at American Eagle at the pen centre. My shift was until 10 pm that night. A solid 6 hour shift. This is really good for back to school hours because i usually only work a max 15 hours a week during school. But i dont mine working during school because of all the money that i have been saving for a Spring Break trip to Cuba with a couple class mates.
As the week continued on the work load and the readings started to pile up. I had to read the newspaper everyday this week for my current events class on mondays. The papers were of all the same stories, Ship sinks in Italy, ORNGE is being sued etc. There is really no exciting news in the world right now but those two stories. After reading all those countless pages i decided that i should write a blog for this week. I am just about to leave to go to work again so im going to have to cut this blog a little shorter then i thought it was going to be for this week. Ill try to keep you up dated on fun things that i do, or interesting facts that i found out during the week.
I hope to post a new blog every sunday night of the week that just happened so that you can follow along on my journey with me.