Friday, February 10, 2012

Week 4

This week was full of research. I feel that every single teacher wants us to research topics to create essays or scripts or powerpoint presentations. I dont mine doing this (because it is homework after all) but i dont like the amount of time that it takes to research. If i become a inventor one day, i hope to make a super computer project that you just speak to and it searches the web to answer any simple or difficult question that anyone has. This way finding the right and important information for projects will become less time consuming. Next week i have lots of assignments and tests at the beging of the week so i better get a start on studying soon. After that week is done its the week of family day (: yay!! only two more weeks to go until the warm weather and the endless supply of drinks and food. CUBA here i come for some R and R.

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  1. I feel the same Will. I had this whole weekend to do homework but I couldn't. It was one thing after another coming into my lap of responsibility. It's Sunday night now and I have decided to skip class tomorrow to catch up on the Conspiracy presentation and research assignment. No time to laugh, no time to love, no time to live....until reading week.

    P.S. how did you make your page look so polished? I need a decorative page like yours otherwise I'm quitting my career as a blogger...forever!!!!